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Our other products include Business Cards, Brochures, Stickers, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Sticky Note Pads, CD & DVD Printing, Presentation Folders, Graphic Design and much more..

Standard Size Print Templates

Please feel free to download our Print Setup templates.
All templates include the recomended bleed and safe areas on all our standard product sizes.
Design templates are available in eps and pdf vector formats or photoshop psd bitmap format. They can be used in most quality image editing programs such as Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop and indesign. GIMP, Quark, Corel etc.
For more information on file setup please see our supplying files page or feel free to contact us.

Business Card Templates

90x55mm Business Card    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
86x54mm Business Card    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file

Postcard and Flyer Templates

Standard Postcard    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
DL Postcard / Flyer    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
A5 Flyer    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file

Stationery Templates

A4 Letterhead    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
With Comp Slip    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file

Envelope Templates

DL Window Face Envelope    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
DL Secretive Envelope    .pdf file
DLX Envelope Window Face Envelope    .pdf file
DLX Secretive Envelope    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
C5 Window Face Envelope    .pdf file
(Suitable for A5 Paper)
C5 Secretive Envelope    .pdf file
(Suitable for A5 Paper)
B5 Secretive Envelope    .pdf file
C4 Window Face Envelope    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
(Suitable for A4 Paper)

CD and DVD Printing Templates

CD or DVD Disc    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
DVD Sleeve    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
DVD Slimline Sleeve    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
CD Jewel Case Front Cover    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
CD Jewel Case Tray    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
Cardboard Disc Sleeve    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
4 Panel Digipack    .pdf file

Sticky Note Pad Templates

75x26mm Sticky Note Pads    .pdf file
70x75mm Sticky Note Pads   .pdf file
75x75mm Sticky Note Pads   .pdf file
75x102mm Sticky Note Pads    .pdf file
100x100mm Sticky Note Pads   .pdf file
102x152mm Sticky Note Pads   .pdf file

Standard Sticker Templates

90x50mm Stickers    .pdf file
90x55mm Stickers   .pdf file
100x70mm Stickers   .pdf file
90x90mm Stickers    .pdf file
100x100mm Stickers   .pdf file
100x150mm Stickers   .pdf file
210x70mm Stickers   .pdf file
210x99mm Stickers   .pdf file

Presentation Folder Templates

A4 Presentation Folder w/1pocket    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
A4 Presentation Folder w/5mm spine    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
A5 Presentation Folder w/1 pocket    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
A5 Presentation Folder w/2 pockets    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file

Magnet Templates

170x80mm Magnet    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
90x55mm Magnet    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file
70x50mm Magnet    .eps file    .psd file    .pdf file

Large Format Posters and Pull Up Banner Templates

420x594mm A2 Poster    .pdf file
594x841mm A1 Poster    .pdf file
841x1189mm A0 Poster    .pdf file
850x2100mm Pull Up Banner    .pdf file